Nepal Government provides treatment support cost for some complex diseases. Cancer is one of them.
Governments provide one hundred thousand rupees for each cancer pat ent for their treatment expences
through different hospitals. To provide the support to the pat ent in t me and managed ways, BPKMCH has
established a unit called Underprivileged Cancer Pat ent Support Unit. It manages cancer pat ents who come
from different districts of Nepal and who are at difficult situat on in terms of expenses.
Five human resources are working in this unit. One Senior Assistant, One Assistant, One Junior Assistant and
two atendants.
Before getting the support, the patients have to complete certain formalities. The Unit facilitates them in
following ways:
Counselling the procedure.
Helping to get recommendation from treating specialist.
Registration of the eligible patients.
Making recommendation for hospital services.
Making recommendation for medicines available to the patients.
Making recommendation to another hospital if they wants to change the treatment center.
Recording benefitted patients and reporting to Ministry of Health.
Submission of the expenditure to Ministry of Health for reimbursement.
The services have been provided to 28440 cancer pat ents through this hospital in the fiscal year 075/076. The
amount is Rs. 21,72, 58,007.20 paisa in the fiscal year 075/076. According to the pat ents view the amount
one hundred thousand is not enough and has increased as soon as possible.