BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH) was founded on 29 December 1994. It is the first nat onal
cancer hospital of Nepal, takes privilege to be the tert ary cancer hospital located outside the Kathmandu
valley. There are different departments since the establishment period devot ng towards providing high-
quality services for the diagnosis, treatment, prevent on, and research on cancer. However, organizat on felt
it’s incompleteness in the absence of its own hospital pharmacy catering huge number of cancer pat ents with
affordable, quality oncology and general medicines. Hospital pharmacy is supposed to be more developed
in coming days. It becomes the responsibility of all the healthcare stakeholders to play a support ve role to
foster it and its services.
Hospital Pharmacy is a newly added department in BPKMCH. It was started from Jestha 28, 2076. The hospital
pharmacy was formally inaugurated by Honorable Ex. Prime minister Puspa Kamal Dahal in Jestha 28, 2076.
Hospital pharmacy plays a pivotal role in healthcare service through pharmaceut cal care. We provide quality
medicines and surgical goods to the pat ent at affordable prices. BPKMCH has Drug and therapeut c commitee
(DTC). DTC’s role is to opt mize rat onal use of medicines by evaluat ng the clinical use of pharmaceut cals,
developing the policies for managing medicine use and administrat on, and managing the formulary system.
There are three units in Hospital Pharmacy
Store unit: Where goods are purchased to manage the inventory (Buffer stock) according to the
agreement made with the related vendor. Goods are released to the OP and IP pharmacy on-demand
basis following FIFO method. Stock details are managed by using Hospital Pharmacy Management
Out-pat ent (OP) pharmacy: It is located on the ground floor of the OPD block, opens every day except
Saturday from 9 am to 4:30 pm. This pharmacy mainly provides goods to those who are not admited
in the hospital. There is storage of more than 1000 medicinal and surgical good. OP pharmacy provides
free services for poor pat ent & Insurance too.
Inpat ent (IP) Pharmacy: It is located on the ground floor of Inpat ent building. Runs 24 hours. This
pharmacy mainly provides the goods to those who are admited in the hospital. IP pharmacy provides
free services for poor pat ent & Insurance too.
Human Resources
Susma Acharya, Pharmacy Incharge, Pharmacy Technologist
Nisha Dhakal, Pharmacy Technologist
Nawaraj Adhikari, Pharmacy Technicians
Jitendra Kumar Yadav, Pharmacy Technicians
Shiva Chaudhary, Pharmacy Technician
Sanjaya Ranpal, Pharmacy Technicians
Vijaya Basyal, Pharmacy Technicians
Gyanendra Ghimire, Pharmacy Technician
Muna Rajbhandari, Pharmacy Technician
Dipak Acharya, Pharmacy Technician
Future Plans
Ward Supply.
Establishment of Pat ent Counseling Unit.
Development of Regional Pharmacovigilance centre
Development of Hospital Formulary
Counter Opening in Day Care Unit.