Medical record is an essent al part of a pat ent’s present and future health care. As a writen collect on of
informat on about a pat ent's health treatment, they are used essent ally for the present and cont nuing care
of the pat ents.In addit on medical records are used in the planning of health care facilit es and services for
medical research and product on and health care stat st cs
Data is nothing but facts and stat st cs stored or free-flowing over network generally its raw and unprocessed
data becomes informat on when it is processed, turning it into something meaningful.
Admission procedure, including pat ent ident ficat on, maintenance of the master pat ent
index (MPI)
Retrieval of the medical record for pat ent care and other authorized use
Discharge procedure and complet on discharged or the inpat ents have been discharge
Hospital-based cancer registrat on and coding of diseases with ICD 10
Filling medical records
Evaluat on of the medical record service and
Complet on of the monthly and annual stat st cs
Human Resources
Dipesh Kumar Yadav (Medical Record Officer)
Sangita Bhujel Sapkota (Assistant admin.)
Pravin Jha (Medical Record Assistant )
Bishnu Poudel (Junior Assistant Admin.)
Future Plans
EMR and HMIS are in pipeline