B.P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Library is a nat onal level special library. It has largest collect on of
informat on on cancer and cancer-related topic. Library tries to meet the Professional and research need of
health professional working in cancer field. The mission of the library is to acquire processing and disseminate
cancer related reference resources in a different form.
Library Collection /Resources
The library has 95% resources/collect on part cularly related to medical field (70% are cancer-related, 25%
general medicine/ Medical Science) and, 5% non-medical. The available references are pediatric Oncology,
Radiotherapy, cancer pain, Medical Oncology, Neuro-Oncology, Diagnosis and Imaging, Pathology, Head and
Neck Cancer, Oncology Nursing, Gynecologic Oncology, Hospice informat on, Surgical Oncology, Prevent ve
medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiat on Oncology, Orthopedic Oncology, Dietary, various other subjects in the
text form and digital form or Electronic form. These reference resources on cancer help doctors, Nurses and
other health professionals to update their knowledge and apply them in daily pract ce.
We also have a special collect on of cancer-related nat onal and internat onal journals. Majority of the materials
in the library are acquired by purchasing. We also collect the donated gifs of materials from nat onal and
internat onal organizat ons. We also accept some personal donat ons of manuscripts or journals and books.
Modes of Acquisitions of Library Resources
Library staffs check the new updates of books and journals from internet. When a new edit on is available, the
purchasing process starts. In 2018, the library has purchased 404 books, most of which are from oncological
and medical science to update the library references.
Processing of Library resources
Books, journals, periodicals, and newspapers made available in the library are duly catalogued and maintained.
Every book in the library has been duly entered in the accession register, computer, classificat on, cataloguing
and maintained either in the reference sect on or textbook sect on. The journals are displayed and maintained
by subjects afer making necessary entries in the accession list. Newspaper and periodicals dat ng back to two
years are maintained in the library.
Educational Activities
Because of the largest collect on of the cancer-related informat on in this library, various academic inst tut ons
send their students, teachers and researchers for the clinical pract ce on cancer. In this academic year the
library has updated various reference materials/books for newly started BN Oncology college of BPKMCH.
Library Users
The users of the BPKMCH Library are the hospital staffs, students of BPKMCH College, medical researchers,
policy makers, Journalist, teachers, other medical Students (Research, Postgraduate, Graduate, Cert ficate
level) from different internat onal & nat onal educat onal inst tut ons.
Facilities Available
 Informat on about HINARI through internet.
 Scanning Services
 Printed reading materials in an open access system.
 Audio-video facility for teaching-learning.
 Library User Orientat on
Human Resources
One professional Sr. Library officer, one para-professional Sr Library assistant, and one helper.
Future Plans
We have to plan to develop the library in the Digitalizat on and Automat on form