The Sect on of Chinese Tradit onal Medicine started in 1999 with the first Chinese Medical Team came to work
in B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. Afer 18 years of hard work of the Chinese Tradit onal Medicine
doctors, it has become the most unusual sect on with Chinese characters. And many pat ents come to accept
treatment by Chinese Tradit onal Medicine doctors. Two Chinese Tradit onal Medicine doctors from 11th Term
Chinese Medical Team are now working in this sect on. They came to work in this sect on from February, 2017.
They have been working very hard and carefully and gained a lot of new pat ents and are warm welcomed by
the Nepalese pat ents.
Routine Activities
Make treatment for pat ents suffering from different clinical diseases such as facial palsy, cervical spondylosis
and lumbar spondylosis, scrapulohumeral periarthrit s and rheumat c pain etc through acupuncture, cupping,
together with acupressure and moxibust on and gain remarkable efficacy, especially for limb pain and palsy.
Human Resources
There are two Chinese Tradit onal Medicine doctors in this sect on.
Dr. Chen Ru, Tradit onal Chinese Medicine Doctor.
Dr. Lu Junyong, Tradit onal Chinese Medicine Doctor.
Future Plans
There are many cancer pat ents in the cancer hospital and some advanced pat ents lose the opportunity
to accept operat on. In view of the situat on, we plan to make the treatment for the pat ents mainly by
moxibust on. If the communicat on problem as well as shortage of some necessary equipment can be solved,
we can make good use of the advantages of the Chinese Tradit onal Medicine and relieve the painfulness of
the pat ents and improve their quality of life.