ENT, Head and Neck Unit

Head and Neck Unit has been well established in this hospital in over the last five years. The unit is working for the detection and treatment of premalignant and malignanant conditions. Head and Neck region is complex anatomical site and plays important role in physiology of digestion, respiration, speech and voice production. This demands more challenging work to treat, so that in postoperative period physiological outcome becomes normal or near normal. Multidisciplinary approach is mandatory to achieve this goal. Surgical, radiation and medical oncology work together to provide best
possible treatment to the patients.

Head and Neck malignancy still remains as one of the most common cancer in our country. Patients with advance stage of diseases are predominating in our hospital which makes the treatment more challenging. We follow the standard treatment protocols incorporating with radiation and chemotherapy as needed in adjuvant or neo-adjuvant setting. Definitely, surgical procedures are very demanding, sometimes requiring sacrifice of various head and neck organs. We are continuously upgrading our technique in terms of radical resection and reconstruction of area involved using local and regional
flap. We work in close collaboration with other surgical department, like Thoracic unit with which we successfully performed total Laryngopharyngoesophagectomy with gastric pull up, first in our hospital and probably in Nepal. Operating technique and reconstruction of defect have drastically improved after getting one year training at Tata Memorial center, Mumbai, by one of our colleagues.

Commonly performed operations are Laryngectomy, Composite resection of buccal mucosa, and tongue with or without different flaps, Maxillectomy, Thyroidectomy and Parotidectomy and various type of neck dissections.

Annual Report 2010: