Department of Surgical Oncology

Surgery remains the best modality, either by itself or in combination with adjuvant treatments in solid tumors. The department of surgical oncology brings to beside the best diagnostic acumen coupled with the state-of-art surgical expertise. Development of superspeciality services in Head and Neck, Gastrointestinal and breast, Thoracic, Urology, Neurosurgery, Gynecology and Orthopedics has further improved the technical excellence in each specialty over the last 12 years. Judious use of radical surgeries has resulted in better cure rates without compromising the quality of life.

Surgical Oncology is one of the biggest departments of BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. Since the establishment of the hospital, it has been playing a key role in the recognisation in both national and international fields.

The vast experience of over 1400 major and 1500 minor cases in year 2010 has brought an unmatched excellence to the department. It has carried out clinical studies relevant to Nepal, e.g., orthotopic
neobladder, sentinel nodal biopsy in breast cancer, three-field nodal dissection for esophageal cancer, D2- gastrectomy, USG guided brain surgery, various flap reconstruction in head and neck surgery, VATS- laparoscopy assisted esophagectomy, etc.

We have always been very thankful to the government of China for their continuous support to our hospital. Consultants from China have always been good teachers and good friends for us. Department of Surgical Oncology offers a broad array of educational opportunities for surgeons at all levels of training. The department has surgical residents from various medical colleges in general oncosurgery, head and neck surgery and gynaesurgery. Continuing medical education is offered in the form of numerous surgical specialty conferences throughout the week. These are organized in a disease management setting, emphasizing the multidisciplinary care of the cancer patient as representatives from surgical oncology,
medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, radiology and other specialties meet to discuss patients and issues of common interest.

Last year, we could have 3 new appointees, Dr. Dilip Karmacharya, Dr. Arun Sigdel, and Dr. Mukti Devkota. Many of our surgeons continued to participate in various national and international surgical conferences.

In the following paragraphs I would like to mention few new initiatives that have taken place in the last academic year. “Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course” and 2nd National Oncology Conference was organized (March 5-8, 2010) in collaboration with ASCO. A three day laparoscopic workshop on Gynaecological Oncology was done. Live demonstration of various laparoscopic procedures for Gynaecological tumors were done. We on behalf of the department, thank surgeons from Asan Medical College, Korea (Prof Nam and Dr Nam) and Dr Gyanendra Karki from Biratnagar, Nepal for making this workshop successful. Definitely, we made a great move in regards to minimally acess surgery in year 2010. For the first time in Nepal, our team performed laparoscopic/ VATS esophagectomy.

Despite the financial crisis, provincial deficits and endowment challenges, we have not been idle. Quite the contrary, we have been creative, on budget, successful in research and education, and have forged ahead with our plans to be one of the most innovative and successful departments in the country. I am personally grateful to each and every member of the Department for their hard work, dedication and incredible encouragement and enthusiasm for the initiatives we are undertaking. We look forward to another year of significant achievements and distinctions in our scholarly efforts, training programs and, above all, the care of our patients.


Annual Report 2010: